1. The difference between Pilates and Clinical Pilates

PILATES is a generic exercise program, similar for each person.

CLINICAL PILATES is an individualised set of exercises that are prescribed by a trained Physiotherapist. Each exercise is always individualised and specific not only to each person, but for each injury and modified during the rehabilitation process.

2. Pilates is a powerful rehabilitation tool

Pilates is very effective. This has both up and down sides. Doing exercises incorrectly or exercises not suitable for the injury or the individual can cause harm and can exacerbate an existing problem.

Doing exercises prescribed and monitored by a trained physiotherapist can be very effective in overcoming injury or long term physical problems.

3. The physios at The Joint are trained and experienced in Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is now used at The Joint, in conjunction with manual therapy, to diagnose and effectively treat a large number of problems. This leads to faster and more complete recovery.

The effectiveness of treatment can also be enhanced when patients do prescribed clinical pilates exercises carefully at home.

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“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” – Joseph Pilates

Click the link to read a blog about the history of Pilates written by our very own physio, Tamar Simai.


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