Osteoporosis Group Classes

In collaboration with Mace Fitness, we are now offering an Osteoporosis group exercise class for women.

This initiative aims to promote bone health through structured exercise programs tailored to your physical ability. We aim to cater for all women diagnosed with Osteopenia/Osteoporosis and will customise a program that best suits you.

Class Timetable:

  • Tuesday 11am with Tamar
  • Wednesday 11am with Noah
  • Thursday 10am with Noah
  • Thursday 1:30pm with Tamar

*NOTE: class size 3-4 Women for approx 45mins. This timetable is subject to change


$48 if paying casually

$45 per class with a prepaid pack of 6

$42 per class with a prepaid pack of 10

*claimable with private health insurance

How to start:

Make an appointment with Michayla, Noah or Tamar at The Joint Physio and bring your DEXA scan results with you.

We will discuss your history, current exercise level and any other relevant information to make the class right for you. We will also run a few objective measures such as balance testing, to give us a reference to start from.

Mace Fitness is a state of the art personal training gym owned and run by Jake Moller. As od Feb 2022 The Joint has started an association with Mace Fitness allowing us access to the space and equipment. All Osteoporosis classes are run at this fantastic premise around the corner – 656-660 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield South VIC 3162Glen Huntly Road.

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