You can now download your custom-made home exercise program to your smartphone

Physitrack is a fantastic new program that we have recently introduced into our practice. It allows us to create personalised exercise programs that are sent straight to an app on your smartphone, PhysiApp. The app is compatible with both IOS and Android devices and can also be accessed on a desktop. Your exercise program is presented to you in the form of videos with written instructions and specific dosages. There are already over 3,700 fully narrated clinical exercises with the addition of The Joint’s unique exercises demonstrated by us! The app is interactive and allows you to submit how many reps and sets you have completed of each exercise, pain levels when completing the exercise and puts it all together into a graph that we can monitor on our end to track your progress. Additionally, if you’re someone that struggles to remember to complete your exercises, the app allows you to set a reminder. Essentially, this means no more lost pieces of paper, no more illegible stick figures and no more second-guessing whether you’re doing the exercise correctly.

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