Our allied health TEAM

Sarah Howren

Myotherapist & Owner Melbourne Wellness Therapies

Since graduating from RMIT in 2003 (Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy), Sarah has worked closely with physiotherapists, podiatrists, personal trainers and exercise physiologists in private practice.  She has over 14 years experience in treating athletes with a wide variety of sporting injuries, in particular long distance runners, cyclists and ironman triathletes, as well as muscular dysfunction related to occupation, posture and lifestyle.

Coming from a health and sporting background, Sarah believes in the value of personal health and well-being, seeing great importance in working with her clients to educate them in preventative techniques to enjoy a pain free and healthy lifestyle. Also recognising the real physical and psychological effects factors like stress places on our bodies and the importance of leaning how to manage our strong body and mind connection.

With this in mind Sarah decided she wanted to create a holistic clinic to focus on more than just one aspect of wellness. In January 2014, from the humble beginnings of Sarah Howren Myotherapy, Melbourne Wellness Therapies was born. Melbourne Wellness Therapies incorporates myotherapy, physiotherapy, nutrition and has it’s own yoga studio.

“I take great pride not only in my hands on treatments, but in providing my clients with the knowledge and support to enable them to regain full, pain free mobility and to achieve a healthy and balanced life. It is not enough to just treat a muscle or a joint on it’s own. There is so much more benefit in treating the body as a whole.”

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